We watch and monitor, and detect unauthorized use of your images such as logos and product packages, including those in respect of trademarks/brands, on webs by third parties.

Our monitoring tool works with Google images as well as with other freely available tool to detect and similar to the reference images selected in accordance with the client’s request.


We can provide this service monitoring in all the languages including Chinese.


Our costs indicated are “per year” costs with one report per month for a twelve (12) months period.  


1) Cost for “Without Analysis”: EUR3,200.00 [before tax]

– Relevant /non-relevant sorting

– URL of the indexed webpage

– WHOIS of the corresponding domain name

– Metatags

– Source code of the indexed webpage

– Website host location

– Screen capture of the indexed image

– Screen capture of the detected webpage

– Capture of the webpage as indexed by Google


2) Cost for “With Analysis”: EUR9,650.00 [before tax]

* Up to 100 relevant results with comments per month.

The followings are provided in addition to the said content.

– Classification of results

– Risk analysis based on the client’s trademarks and activity

– Recommendation, when necessary  


The results can be seen via our web platform at free of charge



We con provide images search as well, but it is one time service, different from watch/monitoring provided continuously. and the cost is also comparatively cheap. So we recommend choosing watch/monitoring except for the purpose of knowing the present existing or possible problems of your company.


The content provided is same as that of watch/monitoring.

1) Cost for “Without Analysis”: EUR1,600.00 [before tax]

2) Cost for “With Analysis”: EUR4,000.00 [before tax]

*At least 100 relevant results.  The costs would increase depending on  the the number of the relevant results.