Since Intellectual Property (IP) is intangible property and asset, IP cannot be evaluated and assessed easily. But there are some cases that be needed to know IP evaluation result or there may be simple thought if we could know IP evaluation result.

For example, IP evaluation is used for the following purposes.

  • To calculate IP license value and royalties:
  • To know proper prices for IP buying/selling, IP transferring and assignment, and IP contribution in kind:
  • For credit decision for loans or collateral in association with IP by financial organization:
  • To calculate IP value for M&A:
  • To calculate damages in an infringement case:
  • To explain to stake holders IP value and assessment result in IP asset report:


In order to use and operate IP effectively and efficiently, it is needed to evaluate and assess the value with sufficient reasons.

IP evaluation is mainly patent value evaluation and trademark value evaluation, but either can be also assessed.


The following is Index of our patent value evaluation, as an actual sample.



We evaluate and assess in views of Cost approach, Market approach and Income approach.


We can not say the price on flat fee basis since it differs depending on the purposes and contents of  IP value assessment, but it is averagely USD18,000 – 28,000 per patent field.

We normally deliver the evaluation report within 1-2 months.


IP Due Diligence

We provide IP due diligence for reasonable explanation to investors and stake holders, and entities that consider alliances.

  1. Legal due diligence: Whether or not there is possibly serious and high risk in continuing businesses
  2. Business due diligence:  Whether or not the values of technology capacities and power, and of future possibilities match and worth invested money.

We evaluate IP qualitatively and quantitatively.

・Technology evaluation, IP, product and IP life cycles, bench marking:
・Economic value, license assessment, transferring and assignment prices:

・Cost approach
・Income approach
・Market approach


It may take a long time like 3-6 months to deliver the project report, depending on IP scope to evaluate, business fields/sector and study of various materials handed-in.

Price may be over USD100,000 depending on the content of an order, but please contact us for consultation and estimated fee.