It is very important to integrate business strategy with Intellectual Property (IP) strategy and technology development strategy, which brings to increase and enhance business efficiency and business value.

We build business strategy on the basis of analysis in all IP aspects, preparing and using patent maps on the core of patents and technology.

The feature of our patent map is to analyze patents in USA, EU, Japan and South Korea. It is at the time of globalization and borderless business chances, so we cannot say trustworthy patent maps if such patent maps are made for sole country like Japan only. So to say, it is very important for business companies to develop strategic business of the world level and to build IP strategy viewing business expansion to the world.

Our patent maps are made based on both commercial and official online databases.

And upon analysis of patent maps and portfolios, we propose product development strategy and technology development strategy utilizing strength of the company.

We can provide business consulting more specific and continuous for actual product development, with our alliance partner which is a Japan-based hands-on/practical and well-reputated consulting company.




The methods of the analysis is as below.

1. Trend Analysis: Quantitative Analysis

  • Analyze the number of patents, the market share of patents and increase/decrease rate of patents for each technical field/sector based on application years, countries and applicants.
  • Patent level comparison, status of research and development, and analysis of major applicants.
  • Idetify technical trends through technical flowchart.

2. Deeper Analysis: Qualitative Analysis

  • Identify blank areas by performing the matrix analysis using class-A  patents and identify reference patents for research and development.
  • Strategically grasp the contents of core patents based on the technical futures of class-A patents.


The fee cannot to said on flat basis, but is normally and averagely USD23,000 – 38,000 involving USA, EU, Japan and South Korea.

The turnaround is normally 1.5 – 2.5 months.

In addition, we usually do not involve Chinese patents, but if you are interested in them, we can provide the analysis involving Chinese patents. In such a case, the fee would be 1.5 to double to the normal fee above. We would also consider to add your requested countries with the patent maps if there are countries that you would like to include.