We watch and monitor, and detect unauthorized use of your trademarks/brands on webs by third parties.   Platforms currently monitored: ・Google





Our search tool queries are geographically based according to the targeted territories. Given the nature of the monitored content, the search option is not available for this category.   Our costs indicated are “per year” costs with one report per month for a twelve (12) months period.

  1) Cost for “Without Analysis”: EUR1,550 covering France and USA; EUR150 for each supplementary sate [before tax]

– URL of the webpage where the commercial links were found

– Screen capture of the webpage where the links were found

– Date of appearance and disappearance of the commercial link

– State where the server is located

– WHOIS data of the corresponding domain name

– Metatags, follow-up and archived information from the commencement of the monitoring

– HTML code [with follow-up and archived data from the commencement of the monitoring

– List of internal and external URL links

– Up to 300 pages off commercial links    


The results can be seen via our web platform at free of charge.   There is no search service for this service.