bizamor LLC [The Company] respects the privacy of the customers, and handles personal information carefully complying with Japanese laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information. The Company operates this website with the following policy.


  1. Purpose of using personal information
    The purpose for which The Company collects personal information is as follows. The Company shall not use the collected personal information for any purpose other than these purposes.
    1) Personal information that was entered into and transmitted to the website managed and operated by The Company.
    – To provide useful information and introduction such as on our services.
    2) Personal information on those who registered for participation in or participated in seminars, etc. related to The Company
    – To provide information on services and introduction of the seminar etc. related to The Company.
    3) Personal information on our clients’ contact persons
    – To contact for the execution of various contracts entered into with The Company
    – To provide useful information and introduction such as on our services.
    4) Personal information on the persons who applied to our job offer
    – To inform the pass or fall thereto.
    5) Other personal information provided to us in connection with business activities of The Company
    – To contact for necessary communication on our business activities.

In addition, for purposes other than the above, after clearly indicating the purpose of use, The Company shall not use your personal information obtained through this website for purposes other than its intended use.


  1. Non-disclosure to third parties
    Personal information provided by/from customers shall not be disclosed or provided to any third parties other than the followings.
    1) In case you have consented to The Company.
    2) In case disclosure is necessary to our outsourcers or business partners in order to achieve the purposes of use of our customers. In this case, we shall order them to thoroughly manage the personal information.
    3) In case The Company is required a request involving legal obligation from a public office such as a judicial agency or an administrative agency following laws, etc.

If you make an offer such as change, confirmation, correction, deletion of your own personal information registered by you, The Company shall respond thereto in the proper way only when The Company can confirm it was made by yourself or a person delegated on behalf of you.


  1. Management of personal information
    The Company shall properly and carefully manages the personal information provided by customers, and shall take necessary and appropriate safety measures to prevent and rectify troubles such as unauthorized access to, and loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of the personal information.


  1. Cookie
    On this website there are pages using technology called “cookie”. Cookie is small data transmitted from the web server to your browser, and some are stored as files into your disk. The web server can identify your computer by browsing cookies, but it does not contain the information that identifies individuals. Unless you enter personal information on the service provided and website, the personal information cannot be identified and anonymity is maintained.
    By using cookies, you can use our website efficiently. Depending on browser settings, you can change cookie settings to disable cookie functions, but as a result of that some or all of the services of the webpages may not become available.


  1. Access log
    The Company collects access logs to grasp users’ usage trends and measure advertisement effectiveness. In the access log, the items such as IP addresses, browser types, domain names are collected, but they are not used in connection with the collected personal information.
    Access logs are used for statistical analysis on the maintenance and usage of websites, and are not used for the other purposes.
    Furthermore, The Company shall not disclose access logs. However, if there is a request from a court, a police office or a public agency authorized conforming to these, The Company shall disclose the access log accordingly.


  1. Amendment
    Regarding the handling of customer’s personal information, The Company shall review and improve the contents of each of the above clauses as necessary in accordance with amendments and changes in laws and regulations to be followed.