Trademark Application/Registration Service


In concept of Good Quality, Lower Cost and Swift Communication, we provide you with unique trademark application service in China and South Korea, which is that, when you order us to file a trademark application, we conduct and provide a preliminary trademark registrability search without charge, Of course, you can order us to conduct a trademark registrability search solely, but by using this service, you can enjoy “no cost” for a registrability search.


[1] Trademark Application Fee

The prices are shown in the below table. This service premises to file a trademark application essentially involving conducting a trademark registrability search without charge. In addition, you may pay our service fee [attorney’s fee and initial fee] at only time of ordering us, which means that you do not have to pay our service fee at the time of publication and registration. The fees are also applied to file a trademark application without free availability search.

Country China South Korea
Fee Official Fee Attorney’s Fee Official Fee Attorney’s Fee
Application 1st Class USD50.00








Each additional class USD50.00








Each additional item in excess of the basic items in one class USD5.00


Basic items: 10



Basic items: 20

Registration One class USD221.00


Each additional class USD211.00


Each additional item in excess of the basic items in one class USD2.00 per item, in case of exceeding the basic 20 items in one class

*1: We charge for official fee only, not including our service fee, at the time of registration. The fee and disbursement to forward trademark registration certificate is not charged.

*2: We do not charge for claiming convention priority.


[1-1] Additional Trademark Registrability Search Fee premising to file a trademark application essentially.

In cased of conducting a further registrability search for an alternative mark as a result of assessment of search results, such an additional search fees are as below.

Country China South Korea
Fee per mark per class USD50.00





[1-2] Fee for Trademark Registrability Search Only

For your information, the search fees that do not premise to file a trademark application are as below.

Country China South Korea
Fee per mark per class USD115.00




*3: If a mark, a registrability search of which was conducted, is filed for trademark registration, the prices in the table at above [1] are applied. In this case, a further registrability search of the same mark is not conducted.


[2] Fee for Handling an Official Action

The below fees are applied to handle an official action in national application of each country including International Registration.

Country China South Korea
Fee per official action per application Arguments USD315.00 up/EUR265.00up

Amendment USD115.00 up/EUR105.00up

Arguments USD315.00 up/EUR265.00up

Amendment USD165.00 up/EUR135.00up

*4: If the specifications of goods and services are consulted in advance of filing an application following your request AND if the specifications consulted are objected, our local attorneys make amendments at free of charge.

*5: In South Korea, if an applied mark which was assessed “over 55%” is objected for the reason of non-distinctiveness and/or descriptiveness or negative connotation, and/or of an earlier mark located in the registrability search report during examination stage, not including during appeal/review stages, attorney’s fee for preparing and submitting arguments, not including disbursement, is at free of charge. In other words, if an applied mark which was “below 55%” is objected for any of the above reasons during examination stage, attorney’s fee for doing them is charged to you.



Pay to our bank account via Payoneer

You can pay to our bank account in USD by credit card or money transfer via Payoneer. We shall proceed with your order after confirmation of your payment. As far as we cannot confirm your payment even though you order us, we shall not proceed with anything.

*6: Our policy is to pay by real foreign exchange rate, so we do not usually bill the costs added for risk hedge added to the priced amount.


Service Provision Flame

All correspondences are made and achieved in English between you and our local attorneys directly.

We provide our services upon the confirmation of your payment in advance to our basic prices.

1) When we receive an application order for trademark registration and confirm the payment therefor, we conduct a trademark registrability search without charge.

  • We deliver the search results filled in our spreadsheet format per country/jurisdiction by email.
  • We normally deliver the search results within five (5) to seven (7) business days. Please note this is not absolute turnaround.

2) You instruct us whether or not the searched mark should be applied for registration, considering the search results.

– If the assessment of the mark is not good, please propose an alternative mark. We will conduct such searches upon additional payment. Until you instruct us to file a trademark application, this flow is continued.

– If you stop filing a trademark application under constraint, we will return the following amount, to your account via Payoneer or other, which is the fees of above [1-2] and disbursement of the returning are deducted from the fees of above [1]. You bear the disbursement for the returning.

– Additional registrability search fee [1-1] is not returned to you in any case because the additional search is conducted upon your payment.

3) After you instruct us to file a trademark application, our local attorney proceed therewith and then report to you.

– We can consult the descriptions of the goods and services following your request in advance of filing a trademark application.

– Regarding the country/jurisdiction where it is necessary to submit Power of Attorney and possible to submit General Power of Attorney in filing a trademark application, we usually file General Power of Attorney.

4) We do not charge our service fees in connection with publication and registration, other than our service fees paid at the time of the filing.

– We just charge for official fee for registration after allowance of registration in South Korea. Upon the confirmation of your payment we will attend to the payment.

5) Our local attorney sends you a trademark registration certificate when it receives same.

– The fee for forwarding such a certificate including disbursement is not also charged to you.

6) While the fees of above [1] involve application, publication and registration, please note you are possibly billed for other fees, such as for filing an appeal/review, for negotiation, for making assignment and assignment-back procedures.

– Upon the confirmation of your payment to our basic prices we will proceed along with your instructions.

– We also have right to bill to you additional fee and/or disbursement which we could not bear by the basic fee after we filed and submitted, and in such a case you shall accept it.

– You have to give us your instructions by our proposed deadline before an official deadline to respond to an official action.


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