We provide patent annuity and trademark renewal services, which you can be trustworthy and  feel a sense of safety.

It is better to use our normal patent annuity and trademark renewal services in partnership with a European service provider if you have huge volumes of patent and trademark renewals on yearly basis routinely, but if you do not have such huge volumes, 500 patents annuities per year and 800 trademark renewals in total [averagely 80 marks per year], we recommend using this service.

Our Fees, for example:

The following fees are of combining our service fee with local agent’s fee.

* Note we sometimes see a case showing service fee only but not showing local agent’s fee. If you compare fees, you should note this.



Service Fee Local Agent’s Fee
China USD30.00 USD30.00
Hong Kong USD30.00 USD30.00
Taiwan USD30.00 USD30.00
South Korea USD30.00 USD30.00
USA EUR30.00 EUR56.00
Germany EUR30.00 EUR25.00
France EUR30.00 EUR25.00
Great Britain EUR30.00 EUR25.00



Service Fee Local Agent’s Fee
China USD50.00 USD50.00
Hong Kong USD50.00 USD50.00
Taiwan USD50.00 USD50.00
South Korea USD50.00 USD50.00
USA USD100.00 USD240.00 including filing Declaration of Use
Germany EUR50.00 EUR120.00
Germany EUR50.00 EUR150.00
France EUR50.00 EUR200.00
Great Britain EUR50.00 EUR150.00

※Official Fee is requited.

※Disbursement [bank charge] is required.


You can deposit money with our bank account. If you deposit we bill to you the sum we actually paid to local agents.

If you choose not to deposit, we bill to you adding small amount with TTS.


If you are interested in our spot patent annuity and trademark renewal services, pleas contact us.