We introduce intuitive and user-friendly worldwide trademark database.

We can easily say SAEGIS [Clarivate Analytics] and EDITAL [Wolters and Kluwer] as major trademark database providers in the world.

The trademark database we introduce has been created by a Belgium person who created and developed EDITAL trademark database and expanded the business worldwide and who established a new company for providing worldwide trademark and design databases. Therefore, we can say this database is more excellent than EDITAL trademark database. For example, this database makes you possible to search phonetically similar marks by algorithm. By this, you can obtain trademark information of possibly serious bars in advance, while it is better to obtain opinion to each similar mark.

Furthermore, it was published several years ago SAEGIS is less trustworthy on data accuracy than that of EDITAL and that of AvantIQ before establishing partnership with EDITAL. Now such data inaccuracy rate may be improved, but there may be still existing such data inaccuracy.

One of the demerits of this database may be less countries included in the trademark database than those in SAEGIS and EDITAL. But at the present time all the major countries/jurisdictions are covered with this database and further database will be added on step-by-step basis.

Now the database is covered with those of the below 114 countries/jurisdictions.

※Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Sudan and Kuwait, added(2018/04)



This worldwide database is EUR45,000 on flat fee yearly, which is not changed even though new trademark database is added therein.

Because this is flat fee, if you pay more than EUR45,000 now, you can absolutely save the money.

If you would like to use the database for one (1) country/jurisdiction, the fee is EUR2,500 on flat. If you are interested in using more than one country, we may be able to propose discounted rate.

This trademark database is used for major IP law firms and business companies in Europe, and those in USA and Japan.

If you are interested in that or have any questions please feel free to contact us. We can give you a temporary trial account effective one week.



Where this global trademark online database is EUR45,000 at flat fee, this database can be used by several companies such as five (5) companies, ten (10) companies. This means each company can use it at EUR4,500, dividing by 10,  if ten (10) companies agrees to do so.

If you are interested in using this database as such, please contact us.