Domain Name Services


We provide domain name services in partner ship with a European company, well-known as domain name consultancy and solution provider, at which law attorneys act and consult as sale persons. That is a very unique style.

We have set up active partnerships with the major social media and marketplaces to enable us to defend you against unauthorized use of your trademark. This allows us to act quickly and effectively to eliminate infringement and protect your customer.


Domain Name Management Tool

We provide domain name management tool at free of charge. You can use it freely! Our domain name management tool is intuitive and efficient, and will simplify your work life and make portfolio management easier.

Domain Name Registration


New GTLD Registration Assistance

Domain Name Renewal

Domain Name Watch Service

Domain Name Watch Service

Domain Name Search

Domain Name Search

Domain Name Audit

Domain Name Audit


Warning/Dispute Resolution

The domain name market offers cybersquatters more and more opportunities. And they are getting better at negotiating and using the legal loopholes. This is why we are mainly composed of lawyers specializing in trademark law and information technology law. As such, we collect the evidence and data needed to advise and assist you at all stages of a domain name dispute, whether before courts or in ICANN proceedings. We can also represent you in ICANN proceedings.



We make backorders by our created algorithms that allow you to acquire a non-renewed domain name to value it or to enhance your portfolio.

Anonymous Purchase

We can make anonymous purchases on your behalf. Whether it is to check the legitimacy of a product sold online or to purchase an important domain name for your company, and with considerable expertise in negotiating the buy back of domain names, whether they have been registered legitimately or in bad faith, we can intervene to facilitate the procedures. We communicate anonymously to avoid price increases and use trusted third parties to ensure the security of our transactions.


SSL Certificate

We provide security certificates tailored to your needs ensuring those visiting your site are safe.


Register Lock

We set up the most stringent procedures, eliminating risks related to administrative and technical misuse of your domain names.