Worldwide/Global Trademark Registrability Search

Less cost of trademark search is much better! We provide you with worldwide trademark search by very low prices! We support your planned business, delivering simple but enough content and easily understandable reports.

Why is trademark search important?

Generally, it is better to conduct trademark searches before applying trademark applications. Why is it? Simply speaking, it is because a possible applicant can know, in advance of applying trademark applications, whether or not a candidate mark is registrable and available; in other words, can know the possibility that the candidate mark is unregistrable and unavailable.
For example, if there exists an earlier mark identical with or similar to the candidate mark, such a candidate mark cannot only be registered but also may constitute infringement against the earlier mark.
The bigger project it is, the bigger costs, and more time and work it requires, and the more serious matters it may bring.
It is very recommended to conduct trademark searches in advance and to cautiously consider possible matters which may know from the results.

What kinds of view are contained in our trademark searches?

The following there (3) views are involved in our trademark search report.

1) Inherent Registability

– Negative connotation
– Distinctive / non-descriptive

2) Relative Registrability

– Identical or similar earlier mark
– Likely confused earlier mark
– Identical, similar or likely confused goods and services

3) Availability

– Whether to be available or not from views of inherent registrability and relative registrability

Generally, the assessment standard such as three (3) level assessment of “High”, “Middle” and “Low” or five (5) level assessment as such are used as a method to assess risk from a result of conducting trademark searches. But we use the assessment standard by percentages, without using such standard by “levels”.

Our Trademark Search Report


We keep our search report delivered to be simple but enough and easily understandable. It is delivered with the form that a person in charge can easily modify and integrate for in-house presentation.


We provide you with a search report in ENGLISH.


Delivered by an e-mail and attachments therewith.

1) Indicated the database/s and database period/s used for the search in the e-mail.

2) Attached “Earlier Mark List” in excel format.
– Assessment of Inherent Registrability
– Assessment of Relative Registrability against each located earlier mark [below 55%]
– Assessment of Availability deriving from the above two assessments
– Extracted Content of a located earlier mark
– Internet Search about the use of the located mark by the keywords of the mark itself and/or the trademark owner name
– Main business fields of the trademark owner of a located mark
– Measures to be taken and proposed

A person in charge can easily modify and integrate for the opportunities such as in-house presentation, since the List is delivered in excel format, not by a scanned copy.

When you order us, please designate wither.

3) Attached printouts
– Printouts of earlier marks located in “Earlier Mark List”

Note that earlier marks relative registrability is over 55% are not located in Earlier Mark List” and the printouts of such marks are not also attached therewith. It is because, in our experience, it is seldom to be cited such marks of over 55% assessment, and also even though such marks are cited, they can be generally overcome by arguing unlikely confusion.
Also note that there no specific opinion and comment in our format.

4) Countries/Jurisdictions where trademark searches are covered with
Trademarks in each country and jurisdiction
Regional trademarks
International Trademarks, if applied.

Common Law involved essentially.

Trademark Search Delivery

The search result is delivered by e-mail and its attachments to you directly from our local associate on country or jurisdiction basis. The reports are not delivered by post and courier.

The turnaround is normally 5-7 business days from the order date. But the turnaround can be delayed on country and jurisdiction basis. We will provide you with such information when we quote.

Price Structure and Price

Our price constitutes our fee, local agent fees and disbursement which is mainly for payments to our local associates.

Our Fee

USD20.00 or EUR15.00 per country/jurisdiction per mark, not considered and calculated from the number of class.
If you order us to search for one more marks at the same time, same calculation is applied for.

Local Agent Fee

We will quote.


We will quote. it depends on the amount on a country/jurisdiction basis.


Advance Payment required.
Bank transfer payment only by USD or EUR.

If you use our services, you can put deposit into our bank account. When you order us, we will deduct the corresponding


Important: Note before order trademark search

You should search whether or not there are identical marks with your candidate mark/s on your side before ordering trademark search to us. If you contract with a database company, please use it.
If you do not contract with such companies, you can use WIPO Global Brand Database at free.

But please note the database is limited to the located countries therein, while we think marks in major countries and jurisdictions are covered with it. You will see the country list by clicking “Source” in “FILTER BY” table. Note that, since the regions such as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan does not join United Nations, there cannot be found trademarks in such regions in the database.



We provide you with a service to make the Total Earlier Mark List, to make earlier marks located in each country/jurisdiction into one list. You can save time and use as your assistant.
The cost is USD100.00 or EUR90.00 by twenty (20) located marks and USD5.00 or EUR4.00 per mark over twenty marks. The payment therefor may be after our delivery of the list.