We have lots of demands by Chinese companies and individuals, who would like to buy trademarks. Please contact us if you would like to sell registered trademarks you own in Japan, USA and other countries/jurisdictions.


Through our Chinese IP partner entity [Anhui Province], we have lots of demands by Chinese companies and individuals who want to buy trademarks.


Conditions to Sell Trademarks

1) Trademark registered legally

– The marks in pending applications cannot be sold through our service.

2) To Sell [Assign and Transfer] to Buyers

– It is not allowed to give licenses.

3) Not in Use

– We prefer to non-used marks and not-yet-used marks.

– If the sold mark has been in use, our buyers will be reluctant to buy such a mark.


Buyers will bear all the expenses for assignment and transferring of the sold mark.


You can sell registered marks in Japan, USA, EU, UK and other countries/jurisdictions.


When you contact us please offer and provide the following information.

1) Registration Number involving countries/jurisdictions

2) Mark

3) Registrant Name

4) Price offered

5) “Not in Use” or “In Use”

6)  Non-Licensing or Licensing  with the sold mark